Sep 232009

The Fall 2009 issue of The Undercurrent includes two excellent articles.

It’s Not Stealing Because I Don’t Want It to Be” by Rituparna Basu
Summary: FileSharing – Rationalization = Theft

Putting a Price on Freedom” by Noah Stahl
Summary: U.S. – Freedom = Disaster

Order Your Undercurrents!

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Sep 092009

Yesterday, I got this helpful reminder from the good folks at The Undercurrent about ordering their fall edition.

Hi Diana,

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! …

I just wanted to make sure you don’t forget that the newest issue of The Undercurrent (TU) is available for order only until September 20, 2009! That is correct: you only have twelve days left to order the Fall Edition of TU, which will feature articles on a wide range of fascinating topics, like Obama’s health care policy, ethical training in today’s MBA programs, downloading music illegally, and the historic expansion of government in America. Following the success of our special Summer Edition, we have high expectations of this, the first issue of the school year – but those expectations can only be realized with your help!

To order, visit, or e-mail your name, address, and the number of copies you wish to purchase to

We also ask that you let us know if you cannot afford to distribute. In all likelihood, we will be able to match you with a donor who would be more than happy to sponsor your distribution efforts. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

Another crucial way you can help promote and spread interest in The Undercurrent and Objectivism as a whole is handing out and posting our flyers. Several designs are available and free for distribution at

Or, if you are of means but not of time, please consider making a donation to The Undercurrent, so that we can continue providing papers to students free of charge. For more information about donating, visit or email us at

In closing, I wish you another fruitful year of intellectual activism. With your help, The Undercurrent can continue our efforts to bring about another renaissance.


Victoria Genther

Notice the ticking clock! Orders must be in by September 20th. So if you want to order copies, you’d better do so sooner rather than later! I’ve only just gotten my own rear in gear: I’m now working on raising funds from Front Range Objectivism to order some copies for our Denver Objectivist campus club.

Feb 022009

An announcement from The Undercurrent:

The Undercurrent (TU) is an independent, student-run Objectivist newspaper distributed twice a year at college campuses across America. TU is currently looking for distributors and donors for its Spring 2009 edition.

If you would like to distribute, please visit the order page and buy your copies of TU today. If money is an issue, please email us at distributors(AT) There is limited funding from donors for students who want to buy and distribute TU but cannot afford to do so. If you’re part of an Objectivist campus club, you may want to see if your college will fund distribution of TU as a club activity.

If you don’t have time to distribute, but would like to help us spread rational ideas in academia, you may want to consider donating to TU. A relatively small amount of money can make a big difference. For example, donating $26.50 gets 250 copies of TU distributed at a college campus in United States! And because TU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, donations are tax deductible. Please visit the donation page and contribute directly using PayPal.

If you have any questions about distributing or donating, please email us at contact(AT)

Spreading rational ideas on college campuses is critical to making this world a better place.

Thank you for your support.

The Undercurrent

The Undercurrent

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Feb 242008

The Undercurrent now has a regularly updated blog. I’ve added it to my blogroll; it looks like it will be worth checking regularly. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the full post on the main page. I find that annoying, as it’s almost always easier to scroll past a long post that’s not of interest than to click through to posts that are of interest. But oh well.)

For those of you unfamiliar with The Undercurrent, here’s how they describe themselves:

The Undercurrent is a student-run newsletter. Its content is written primarily by (and for) college students across the country, with additional articles from the Ayn Rand Institute op-ed program and other writers.

We aim to release a print edition once a semester. The Undercurrent is distributed to college campuses nationally. If you’re interested in distributing on your campus (or anywhere else), more information can be found here.

The Undercurrent’s cultural commentary is based on the philosophy of Ayn Rand, a philosophy she named “Objectivism.” Objectivism animates Ayn Rand’s fiction, but it is first and foremost a systematic and comprehensive philosophy of life.

It holds that the universe is orderly, comprehensible, and conducive to human flourishing. It affirms that human beings are not only capable, but worthy of living on earth. The individual’s own life and happiness comprise his own highest moral purpose. Man flourishes only in a society that values science, technology, freedom and capitalism. And beauty, too.

In these pages we hope to defend these values where they are under attack in our culture. To learn more about the ideas behind these values, you can begin by reading Ayn Rand’s books, such as The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, or by visiting the web site of the Ayn Rand Institute.

Just FYI, any regular blogger for The Undercurrent is more than welcome to join my OBloggers mailing list.

The Undercurrent

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Feb 182006

The Undercurrent, the Objectivist campus newspaper, is seeking submissions for its sixth issue:

After publishing over 20,000 copies of our fifth issue–and distributing it on over 32 campuses across North America–we are excited to begin work on our sixth. The next deadline for submissions is March 1st.

At present, we are anticipating that the next issue, due out in April, will focus mainly on foreign policy. As usual, however, we are interested in looking at submissions on all topics, so please feel free to submit anything you think may be of general interest to a college audience unfamiliar with Objectivism.

Whatever your idea, it also helps to email an abstract of your topic in advance of the deadline. This way we can let you know if yours is the kind of piece we’re interested in running.

Send your inquiries about submissions to

If you wish to distribute copies of The Undercurrent at your campus, you can order them online for the bargain price of about $8.75 for 250 copies. Oakes suggests distributing them via guerilla marketing:

I’ve been thinking about ways of applying the idea of decentralized guerilla warfare to marketing. Specifically, to marketing our Objectivist Club using issues of The Undercurrent (TU) containing fliers about the club. I think I may have found a solution.

Normal mainstream paper distribution entails centralized locations of bins and piles of papers that people pick up. We can’t do this with TU for several reasons: (1) It’s easy for people to maliciously throw away the entire pile because they don’t like our ideas, (2) there are few if any locations where we can even distribute, and (3) we don’t have a large number of copies, so we’d only be in a few locations.

The solution? Guerilla distribution. Forget about piles of TU, simply leave individual copies on tables and chairs all over campus. This solves all three problems: (1) Nobody can remove them unless they scour the entire campus, (2) there are tables and chairs _everywhere_, and (3) they will blanket the entire campus, reaching the maximum number of eyeballs.

Since I’ve only over read one of the two CU Boulder papers when left on tables and the like, that strikes me as a good idea.

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