Earlier this week, a person bought my podcast on finding good prospects for romance and friendship for a friend of his. In the course of our email exchange about it, he told me:

I thought this podcast was really excellent. I liked the way you framed the talk, and I thought you had a lot of really useful suggestions. It got me thinking about how I could stack the deck in my favor when it comes to finding friends and good romantic prospects. I especially liked the section on overcoming shyness.

Hooray! That reminded me that you can give this podcast to a friend or family member — or you can ask for it as a gift. It’s 90 minutes long, and it costs $20.

You can find more information about the podcast below, as well as order it. If it’s a gift, just let me know that (and the email address of the recipient) in the comments field on the order form.

About the Podcast

Many people lament the difficulty of finding good prospects for a lasting, deep, and happy romance. Others have trouble finding worthwhile friends. Yet most people who bemoan the lack of prospects could be doing much more than they are to increase their odds of success. Too many people don’t adopt a purposeful approach but instead wait passively… and complain. This podcast discusses how to make yourself a good prospect — and how to find good prospects — for romance and friendship.

The structure of podcast:

  • Opening remarks
  • A bit of theory:
    • Types of social relationships, visualized as a target
    • Major axes of compatibility in relationships
  • Practical advice:
    • Make yourself a good prospect
    • Expand your social network
    • Engage with other people
    • Cultivate your social skills
  • Questions and answers from pledgers:
    • How can a person get better at evaluating other people’s characters when meeting them?
    • When should I reveal a psychological problem like bipolar disorder to someone I’m dating?
  • Closing remarks

Remember, the podcast doesn’t just concern finding good prospects for romance but also for friendship. So even if you’re happily attached, you’ll likely find the techniques of use.

Purchase the Podcast

If you’d like to download and listen to the podcast, please fill out the form below, then send your payment of $20. You can pay via PayPal, Dwolla, or US Mail. You’ll receive the URL to the download the podcast once your payment has been received.

You’re welcome to share the podcast files with members of your household — but no one else.

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Step 2: Submit Your Payment

You can pay via PayPal, Dwolla, or US Mail. To pay via check or money order, please mail $20 to Diana Hsieh; P.O. Box 851; Sedalia, CO 80135. Please write “Romance Podcast” in the memo field.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me. If you’ve already purchased this podcast, you can now access it here with your login and password. If you have forgotten that, just e-mail me.

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