Merlin Versus Bananas

 Posted by on 9 November 2012 at 11:00 am  Animals, Cats, Funny, Personal
Nov 092012

On Wednesday, I walked into the kitchen, only to discover Merlin sitting in the fruit basket, gnawing on and shaking the stem of these poor bananas.

He showed them! They were very sorry and quite obedient after that.

Oct 292012

Do not place a cheesy dish on the dinner table early when you own a naughty little kitten who is very fond of cheese… unless you enjoy throwing said kitten off the table 15 times in 20 minutes and you don’t mind eating licked cheese, that is.

Who Me?

Gay Kitty Love: Elliot and Merlin

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Oct 192012

The best part about taking this picture was that Merlin was purring like a loud diesel engine! Elliot and Merlin are really good buddies now: they cuddle, they wrestle, they lick each other. It’s really lovely to see them both so happy.

Our other cat Oliver, who was petrified of Merlin for the first two weeks, now tolerates him — and even plays with him sometimes. However, Oliver is really loony — even for a cat — so his idea of play is always infused with a bit of GrumpyOldManCrazyPants.

Metal Cat Music Video

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Oct 152012

From Aux.TV:

The problem with webcams? Mixing them with alcohol tends to allow things like this to take shape.

Here’s what happened when Give Zombies the Vote singer Shaun Callaghan had a few too many, started cuddling his cat—named Bill Murray—and decided to toss together a makeshift music video for their song “Black Hole.”

Naturally, he did this in secret, but as soon as his bandmates found the video they wasted no time posting it on reddit because what are friends for, if not humiliating you in front of thousands of total strangers?

Now, without further ado:

The combination of looks on the singer’s and the cat’s face are just priceless. Plus, I loved that he was bouncing the kitty like a baby toward the end. Clearly, all metal bands should promote their songs with cat videos from now on.

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