Colorado, Under Water

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Sep 162013

As many of you know, Colorado’s front range has enjoyed unprecedented rainfall — and floods of biblical proportions — these last few days. You can find the latest news at The Denver Post and 9News.

According to the Colorado Office of Emergency Management, as of Sunday evening, 17,494 homes are damaged, 1,502 homes are destroyed, 11,700 people are evacuated, 1,253 people are unaccounted for due to the flooding. Many, if not most people, will not be insured against the loss. The story of the two teenagers who died is heartbreaking.

You can see from these photos, the devastation is extreme. It’s amazingly widespread too — and really difficult to predict where will be hit next.

If you want to contribute to the victims of the flood, 9News has a list of organizations accepting donations.

Folks in danger of evacuation might want to listen to my July interview with Community Preparedness Program Manager Fran Santagata about Preparing for Wildfires and Evacuations. It’s mostly focused on wildfires, but many of the same principles apply. You can listen to or download the podcast here:

For more details, check out the episode’s archive page.

Stay safe, people!

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