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Jun 112008

Introducing… the NoodleCaboodle! NoodleCaboodle is a behind-the-scenes mailing list for friends of this blog. Anyone interested in and friendly to NoodleFood is welcome to subscribe, even if not always in agreement with the views of the NoodleFoodlers. The list is hosted by Google Groups, so a subscription will require the creation of an account with Google, as well as my (mostly perfunctory) approval. The list is unmoderated, but I will remove trolls and other brats from it.

As I mentioned earlier, the list is open to discussions of almost any kind. For example, NoodleFoodlers might post links to interesting articles that may or may not be blogged on NoodleFood, alerts to thoughtful responses to NoodleFood posts around the blogosphere, and so on. We might ask for advice on changes to the form or substance of NoodleFood. In addition, any subscriber would be welcome to post links to interesting articles, ask questions, raise objections, and the like. Hopefully, some of that material will become fodder for NoodleFood posts.

If you wish to subscribe, you can do so here.

The NoodleCaboodle list is definitely an experimental venture for me. It may thrive, or it may flop. I’m rationally optimistic, however. I’m also willing to allow it to go where it will, based on the interests of subscribers.

Also, thank you to everyone who suggested a name in my original post on this idea. I’ll have to use Gus’ delightfully devious suggestion of “The Illuminoodli” for some secret cabal in the future. But of course, only those in the cabal will know for certain that it exists.

NoodleFood SuperFriends!

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Jun 012008

I would like to create a mailing list — likely through Google Groups — for “friends of NoodleFood.” Anyone interested in and friendly to NoodleFood would be welcome to subscribe, even if not always in agreement with our views, Objectivist and otherwise. (In other words, unlike my mailing lists, I’d definitely not restrict membership to Objectivists. However, as usual, I would remove annoying people from the list.)

The list would be open to discussions of almost any kind. For example, I might post links to interesting articles that I may or may not have time to blog for NoodleFood. I might post alerts to good responses to NoodleFood posts found around the blogosphere. I might post snarky comments about insane responses to NoodleFood posts (e.g. here and here). I might ask for advice on changes to NoodleFood. Subscribers would be welcome to post links to interesting articles, ask questions, raise objections, and the like. I hope that some of that material will become fodder for a NoodleFood posts, whether written by me or another NoodleFoodler.

However, I have a problem: I need a properly whimsical name. NoodleFood specializes in such names. Even apart from the title of the blog, the bloggers are “NoodleFoodlers” and the commenters are “NoodleFoodleDoodlers.” So what would be a fitting name for a mailing list for people friendly to NoodleFood be called?

Blogger Problems

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May 302008


I’ve been having terrible problems with Blogger lately, but particularly today. As a result, some of my comment scripts aren’t working correctly. Those scripts depend on information in the files that Blogger produces, but Blogger hasn’t been reliably producing the files with that information. Plus, Blogger’s upload of the files to my server has been hit-or-miss — and mostly miss.

I hope that the problems will be wholly sorted out in the next few days. In the meantime, I’ll create work-arounds as best I can. However, you’ll just have to be patient, as even those are difficult to implement due to Blogger’s problems.

Hopefully, this post will publish in some reasonable amount of time. I won’t hold my breath, though!

New NoodleFoodler: Gina Liggett

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May 302008

I’m delighted to announce the addition of yet another guest blogger to the illustrious ranks of NoodleFood: Gina Liggett.

Gina Liggett is a nurse and freelance writer in Denver, Colorado. She’s studied Objectivism for more than 20 years and contributes to Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine (FIRM) and Front Range Objectivism. In addition to philosophy, she’s interested in religion, politics, individual rights, international affairs, health care policy, science, and fitness. She dances ballet, jazz, and salsa, plays golf, and speaks French and Spanish. Gina can be reached at

I’ve been very impressed with Gina’s contributions to FIRM over the past year and a half. She stepped up to the plate, in a big way. I hope to contribute to her opposition to the proposed “personhood” amendment to the Colorado Constitution. (That’s the subject of her first post, to be published shortly.) And, of course, I’m enthused to see what she writes for NoodleFood!

Perceptual Self-Evidence

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May 262008

As should be perceptually self-evident to anyone viewing this web site, I’ve updated the template. If you have any problems or complaints, please let me know via e-mail or in the comments.

It’s change all-around here at NoodleFood!

Update: I’ve now integrated the comments into the post pages, as well as added the number of comments for each post to the main page. All the old links to pages and comments are still good, however. Everything seeming to be working well, although Blogger needs to republish the whole blog for everything to work right. That’s done by now, I hope.

Update #2: Nope, still fighting with Blogger to republish the whole blog. In the meantime, comments have been moved to each post page and the number of comments for each post now appears with each post.

Shifting Noodles

 Posted by on 18 May 2008 at 4:08 pm  NoodleFood
May 182008

For some time now, NoodleFood has presumed an audience familiar with and/or in agreement with Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism in too many posts. I’ve grown unhappy with that, as that kind of blogging isn’t consistent with my my goals for activism. So as of now, the focus of NoodleFood will shift somewhat. Except on rare occasion, posts will presume a general audience, as that’s the audience I want to attract, interest, and persuade. Of course, I still expect the blog to be of interest to Objectivists. Also, not all posts will be philosophical: you’ll get your usual doses of cool oddities and funny cat videos.

I want to publicly mention this change for a few reasons. (1) I want to publicly commit to it, so that my friends can gently chastise me if I slip back into my old ways. (2) Commenters might consider offering addenda or raising questions with the goal of making some point more clear or persuasive to a general audience. And (3) the kinds of exchanges in the comments might well change, as more people unfamiliar with Objectivism read and comment on posts. Be gentle and friendly with honest folks, as that’s an opportunity to hone your argumentation skills.

So… you may now resume your regularly scheduled web surfing.

Paula Hall Joins NoodleFood

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May 042008

I’m delighted to announce that Paula Hall will be joining the illustrious ranks of the NoodleFoodlers as a guest blogger for the next month or two, and perhaps more permanently after that. Some of you might remember her now-defunct blog, Ms. Think. More recently, she raised an excellent question on Nuisance and Pornography, then participated in the ensuing discussion in the comments. Here’s how she describes herself:

I am non-practicing lawyer living in Brookline, Massachusetts with her husband, teenaged son, and Goldendoodle puppy. After living la vie bohème in NYC for a few years I finally went to school, where I majored in ethics and social and political philosophy at U.Mass/Boston and then got a J.D. from Harvard Law. To pay the bills I do market R & D at a high-tech firm that helps companies manage their legal compliance risks. For over 20 years I have been studying and thinking about Objectivism, with an emphasis on ethics, epistemology, economics, and lately, philosophy of law. I refuel by teaching myself piano — right now, I’m tackling Chopin’s Aeolian Harp Étude Op. 25, No. 1 in A-flat Major.

I’m hugely enthused to read her contributions to NoodleFood.

Welcome aboard, Paula!

More NoodleFoodlers?

 Posted by on 1 May 2008 at 7:09 am  NoodleFood
May 012008

I’m interested in adding another blogger or two to NoodleFood. I’m looking for someone with a solid grasp of Objectivism, careful habits of thought, thoroughgoing commitments to honesty and justice, and a good sense of fun. I’ll probably need to know any potential NoodleFoodler already, at least from some internet writings. (Or, the person can be a “guest blogger” for a month or so.)

Any potential NoodleFoodler should be willing to write at least a few posts per month. The posts need not be deeply philosophical, but they should be informative, thought-provoking, and/or entertaining. In general, posts should be commentaries of less than 1000 words, not long essays. Even shorter posts are fine.

NoodleFood is wholly my blog, to which some other fine folks contribute. I definitely value the input of my fellow bloggers, but I am the final authority in all Noodle-ish matters. So I act as the editor of the blog: posts are published by me only after I review them. In case of serious disagreement, I retain the right to refuse to publish a post. However, that’s never happened. Usually, disagreements are minor. In such cases, I discuss the problem with the author before posting, in the hope of making some mutually satisfactory changes. If no such agreement can be reached, I might express my own views in a note at the bottom of the post or in the comments.

Any new blogger must be approved by all existing NoodleFoodlers.

If you’re interested, please drop me an e-mail with a link to some relevant writings and/or a sample post or two, plus any other relevant information.


Blogroll Update

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Apr 122008

One of my tasks for tomorrow is to update NoodleFood’s blogroll. So if you’d like your blog to be added to it, please let me know, preferably by posting the URL in the comments.


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Mar 262008

Via Feedburner, you can subscribe to the NoodleFood RSS feed via e-mail. Basically, Feedburner will e-mail you once a day with that day’s NoodleFood posts. Here’s the subscription form:

To subscribe, enter your email address:

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