My Husband’s Secret Power

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Mar 182014

After SnowCon, those of us staying Chez Hsieh — meaning, Tom, Arthur, William, Paul, and me — played a game of Cards Against Humanity. Here were the result of one round:

The black card was the question that Paul posed… and Arthur (I think) gave him the white card as the possible answer. I laughed so hard that I nearly cried… because it’s just so damn perfect!

The Truth about Science Projects

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Mar 172014


NASA Cover-Up Conspiracy Revealed!

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Feb 242014

Mock Commercial for Beans Is Better Than Almost Any Real Commercial for Anything: “Visual effects studio Cinesite produced this crazy-good mock commercial as a way to show off its creature animation skills.”

As Paul said, “I think that there’s been a NASA cover-up. They didn’t want us to see this video.”

Jan 182014

When I return home after a few hours away, the various members of my menagerie of beasts respond in basically the following ways:

Dogs: You’re home! OMG, we’re so excited to see you! YAYAYAYAY! We’re going to celebrate by running around outside. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in a few minutes, after we’ve sniffed some stuff. We’ll want to lie near you, just because we missed you so much.

Cats: Why were you gone so long? We were hungry. Feed us now. Also, don’t do that again; it’s just not fair to us.

Horses: Yo.

Punctuation. Matters!

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Jan 132014

Read this carefully. It is brilliant!

Gay for Football

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Jan 022014

My favorite NFL player, Peyton Manning, broke more than a few records this year. But here’s the real news: Peyton Manning Comes Out As Gay For Football. Here’s a tidbit:

“I was the only kid in my high school who was gay for football, and that was very tough for me,” Manning said. “All the other guys would be talking about girls or whatever, and I’d join in so they wouldn’t suspect anything. But all I was really thinking about were slant routes, three-step drops, and winning Super Bowls.”

“I could always tell that Peyton was gay for football when he was just a little kid out on the field,” said Archie Manning, adding that his family loves and supports Peyton. “Compared to the other kids, he was just really different. I was pretty sure when I’d watch the way he’d flamboyantly throw his arms in the air while calling audibles at the line of scrimmage or gush on and on for hours about his favorite passing plays.”

Brilliant, just brilliant.

Years of Work in One Sentence

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Dec 302013

Paul found this hysterical web site in which people compress their whole thesis or dissertation into a single sentence. Here are a few samples:

I don’t know what genes are responsible for guiding zebrafish embryos to grow into mature fish, but I killed thousands of them to find out. (Biology, Northeastern University)

If you want to get drugs directly into your brain, then drill a hole in your head. (Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto)

Democracy would work a whole lot better if we weren’t so, you know, human. (Political Science, Rutgers)

You can make spacetime do all kinds of wonderful things, and all you have to do is get rid of the conservation of energy. (Physics, Tufts University)

Trust your gut, except when your gut is being an asshole, which can be really hard to tell, but do your best. (Philosophy, Western University)

Here’s mine, now submitted:

It’s not luck; it’s you.

If you want the details, buy the book!

An Awesome Spam Comment

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Dec 052013

I received this particularly awesome comment on my recently posted podcast question on Mercenary Essay Contest Writing:

Competitions in writing like this one is a good practice for those students who already show their skills when it comes in writing. A good experience for them to gain some new tactics in making their essays and other types of writing even better.

Here’s why that mess of English is so awesome: the poster is advertising some essay-writing site. Heck, you can see a bunch of similarly grammatical comments by clicking on the person’s handle “custom essay” on the comment.

Bless his heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nov 282013

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I have much to be grateful for, but since I’m feeling a bit too high in spirits for such a serious post, I’ll leave you with this gem…

The Evil of Snow-Covered Patio Pictures

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Nov 272013

This video commentary epic rant by Kyle Clark of our local 9NEWS station on the evil of pictures of snow-covered patio furniture is beyond awesome. Really, watch the video!

I love that so many people were irate about it!

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