Cuddling Our Cats

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Apr 232013

All cats are weird… just in different ways. Here are our three cats on cuddling, in a nutshell:

Kitty Oliver

Cuddle? Never! That’s just another of your secret plots to kill me! I will satisfy my need to cuddle by sleeping on your chest when you are not a threat — namely, while you sleep.

Kitty Elliot

I have an intense desire to cuddle you for the next five minutes, and you are required pay full attention to me and only me. After that, I will treat you with the scorn you so richly deserve… until I desperately need another cuddle, that is.

Kitty Merlin

OMG, I missed you while you were gone for five minutes! Can we please cuddle on the sofa for… um… two hours? Yup, just flop me into whatever position you prefer. Of course, I’ll purr the whole time!

Alas, Merlin is often too busy being naughty for such delightful cuddling!

  • William H. Stoddard

    Our senior cat, Taiki, develops an urgent need for cuddling whenever Carol and I are sitting too close together, or being affectionate with each other; indeed he often does his best to thrust himself between us. We’ve nicknamed him “Catto the Censor.”

    Our junior cat, Macavity, will come up to us, and cry, and then, if petted, will flop down on the floor with his belly up. He’s happy to have his underside rubbed or scratched, and never turns into a feline death trap when we do this, quite contrary to the usual cat behavior. But he’s very reluctant to get into laps, though he will stay for some time if put there.

    Every cat we’ve had has been mad, and every cat has been differently mad.

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