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Aug 212005

Sometimes I wonder whether my writings on NoodleFood clearly convey my personality, particularly for those readers whom I haven’t yet met. I also wonder whether my philosophical friends even know about some of the more obscure aspects of my life.

For example, early this morning, I enjoyed a particularly fantastic cross-country ride on my mare Tara, with my devoted dog Abby following close behind. (Truly, to be in the saddle of a good horse is to be in the best spot in the whole universe.) Then, late this evening, Paul and I went out to feed the horses after a long but enjoyable day in Boulder for a 2FROG meeting and FROLIC dinner. While Paul was busy mucking the stalls, I spent a few minutes just leaning up against that wonderfully warm and muscular mare of mine, breathing in her fantastically horsey smell. (That lovely smell should not be confused with the more mixed smell of barn.) It was a perfectly relaxing few minutes.

Now, anyone unfamiliar with the grip of that strange and lovely passion for horses is sure to think that I am completely mad. So be it!

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