Fourteen Years of Marriage

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May 092013

Paul and I were married 14 years ago. That’s amazing and awesome. I can’t believe we’ve been together — and happily so — for so long. Frankly, we’re doing a pretty cruddy job of suffering through the loveless sham of a marriage that we often joke about.

Happily, I just remembered that I have a video of highlights from our wedding! Paul’s brother recorded it without our knowledge. It’s not great quality, thanks to the primitive technology of handheld recorders of the time, plus degradation of the VHS tape over many years. But I love what he captured on it… and it’s far better than nothing!

So… I ripped and uploaded it, so that you can watch it, if you like:

I haven’t watched it in years… but I plan to watch it with Paul tonight!

  • clair estelle

    This is great and so sweet. Congratulations Paul and Diana, may you enjoy many more years together!

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