Tips for Going to the ER

 Posted by on 1 July 2013 at 1:00 pm  Emergencies, Health, Health Care, Medicine
Jul 012013

As y’all know, I recently interviewed emergency medicine physician Dr. Doug McGuff about “Avoiding the Emergency Room” on Philosophy in Action Radio. If you’ve not yet heard it, you can listen to or download the podcast here:

Toward the end of that interview, Dr. McGuff offered some tips for if you do end up in the ER, including being very honest and factual about your symptoms. Along those lines, I recently stumbled across an article with useful tips for getting better care at the ER. Here’s the list of basic recommendations, but check out the article for more details.

  • Avoid nights, weekends and holidays
  • Call your regular doctor before you go
  • Bring a list of your medications
  • Have your medical records and tests handy
  • Make sure your hospital treats what’s ailing you
  • Try to be understanding
  • Bring somebody with you
  • Avoid the ER altogether

Obviously, if you’ve just been run over by a bus, you’re just going to have to muddle along as best you can. However, often you can plan in advance, and in that case, the advice is good!

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