The Inevitable Fall

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Sep 052005

It was bound to happen sometime, I suppose: I finally fell off my mare Tara today.

We were quietly trotting up a hill in a wooded area when a deer rustled in the bushes to the right. Tara leapt left, and I didn’t keep up with her. Thankfully it was a quick and easy fall, relatively speaking. It didn’t knock the wind out of me, I didn’t catch my foot in the stirrup, and I didn’t even bang my (helmeted) head. I just landed a bit hard on my right hip and elbow. (I iced them both when I got home, in the hopes of keeping the bruise and swelling to a minimum. So far, everything seems fine except a small ache in my right shoulder.) The worst of it was really just a second or two of worry as I looked up from the ground to find a frightened horse in danger of trampling me. (I’ve fallen off enough horses to know that the first question to ask is “So where is the horse?!?” Not only does the fall itself not exhaust the dangers, but you do not wish your preferred mode of transportation to disappear!)

Since we were about a mile and half from home, I was exceedingly happy that Tara didn’t run off toward home but instead stood quietly waiting for me. (She was probably just as surprised by my sudden departure from the saddle as I was!) So I was able to have a good ride home. (Unless the injuries are so bad as to require a visit to the emergency room, it is absolutely necessary to remount after a fall, preferably to resume the general activity that precipitated it, including jumping the reassembled fence upon which you just painfully landed. Otherwise, it is all to easy to be consumed by irrational fears.)

Astonishingly enough, my fall today happened so fast that I didn’t even miss any of the lecture to which I was listening during the ride. I rewound a bit on my Shuffle, but found that I had heard it all. Really, that’s just freaky.

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