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Jun 102002

I wrote the following in a letter to Mr Instapundit in response to his blog entry about the Glenwood Springs fire:

Hi Glenn –

I saw your post on the Glenwood Springs fire. But that’s not the only burning problem amongst bloggers right now, so to speak.

That non-existent God must be really mad at GeekPress and Noodlefood, as the Hayman fire currently headed toward us has doubled in size as of this morning to over 60,000 acres. It is essentially 0% contained — and is headed towards populated areas.

We are on evacuation alert at the moment. I have been told that we will have about an hour to evacuate when the word comes.

Fighting wildfires without the cooperation of weather is like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. But the government still spends millions in that futile attempt to save structures that could be rebuilt for much less money. People clamor for the government to “do something, do anything!”

Of course, I understand the despair at the prospect of losing a beloved home. And I understand the simple fear and uncertainty of a fast-moving wildfire. But people need to get past those emotions and realize that the cost in tax dollars and the risk to the lives of fire fighters is simply not worth preserving material things that can easily be replaced. Unfortunately, such observations are the result of more experience with the devastation of fire than I would care to remember.

All that matters is preserving life. Everything else can be replaced.

That being said, the person who started this wildfire by (illegally) building a campfire in this well-known time of drought and high fire risk ought to be strung up and shot.


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