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As today is the last day of July, I wanted to remind you that you can support my work via Philosophy in Action’s Tip jar. I love the messages that I get with contributions, so I thought I’d share a few with you. First:

Last month I decided to start contributing $10 a month via Dwolla to your show. I’m about to be “poor” as you’ll see below, but I felt you deserved at least that much for the value I have, and will continue to receive in the future.

This last week I noticed I spend at least $5 a week on food that is less than good for me, and I heard you mention the idea of contributing $5 a week rather than a lump sum once a month. Sounded like a good idea, so now I am eating healthier and contributing your suggested amount. You definitely deserve it. I hope one day to be able to bribe you with even more and get some super-meaty questions answered.

I love that win-win… and as I told this person, that amount is certainly enough to bribe me to answer his preferred questions. (I have so many questions pending in the queue now that bribery via the tip jar — or supporting my work by sharing it on social media — is pretty much the only way to ensure that your question will be answered anytime soon!)


I’ve written you before and mentioned that I really like your show, but that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. The simple truth is that your show helps me be a better thinker. I’ve always been proud of my ability to use my head as more than just a mobile hat stand, so the fact that your show helps me improve that capability means a lot to me. A lot of the time, I will find myself agreeing with the things you say and the reasons you say them. But there are a lot of times where I sit back and say, “huh, I had no idea this issue was that complex. I’ll have to remember to consider X, Y, and Z when I think about these kinds of things.” And there are also quite a few times where I will realize that I was confused about some issues, and that hearing a different perspective let’s me take the step back I need to consider things from other angles and reach clarity.

And then there’s your podcast from this past December (I think) where you talked about the good in American culture. [DH: Yes, that's here.] I’ve listened to that podcast at least three times, and I think I’m due for another listen. I can’t begin to tell you how much I needed to hear that and didn’t realize it. It’s sooo easy to get yourself in a funk when you focus on everything that’s going wrong these days. Listening to that podcast was a total eye opener. It was like someone walked up to me, smacked me on the arm, and said, “Hey! Haven’t you noticed? The world is a pretty awesome place!” And then I looked around and saw that it was true. So far, that one is my favorite podcast. Maybe that’s the “secret weapon” to advocacy: the life’s-pretty-good-but-applying-rational-principles-makes-it-better approach. Or something like that. I’m still thinking on that one. And I’m so glad I setup a recurring monthly contribution. In fact, I think you deserve a raise; I’ll have to do something about that.

That comment makes me feel… well… darn visible! I don’t aim to just give “The Right Answer” in my broadcasts. That’s not helpful to listeners: it teaches dogmatism and rationalism, and the world already has enough of that, including from Objectivists! That would be downright boring for me too. Instead, what’s interesting to me and helpful to my listeners is for me to untangle the complexity required to judge rightly and choose wisely in various facets of life. By doing that again and again — in a supportive and positive way — my listeners will be better able to do that for themselves.

Third, here’s an example of just that:

Hey, Diana! I was wandering through your archives today and came across the question about prayers for atheists from March 2012. [DH: That's here.] This is a sticky subject that I have pondered over how best to handle for a long time, and I really appreciate the advice you gave. I have often wanted to respond with more honesty and integrity to theists after offers of prayer, but have been advised by many friends to just “let it go” and thank them. I now see why this is not beneficial for either party, and will feel free from now on to present my authentic feelings on the situation. So thankful you took the time to answer that question, and left a little love in your Tip Jar for it. Keep up the good work!

If you enjoy my blogging and radio shows but you’ve not yet contributed (or you’ve not contributed lately), please consider throwing some love in the tip jar. That really makes a dig difference to me, financially and spiritually.

You’ll find the buttons to contribute below. You can contribute via Dwolla, PayPal, or US Mail. (I recommend that you use Dwolla: it’s a payment system with lower fees, stronger security, and better interface design than PayPal. A Dwolla account is free and easy to create.)

However… I know that some of you aren’t financially able to contribute, even though you enjoy and appreciate my work. In that case, please know that I notice and cheer whenever you share the announcements of upcoming shows, as well link to podcasts of past shows and blog posts, on Facebook and Twitter. That helps grow my audience, and I appreciate that show of support too.

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Again, my hearty thanks to everyone who has contributed to Philosophy in Action in July… and before! You make my work possible, and I appreciate that more than I can properly express!

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