Guest Blog Post on Social Justice? Maybe Not

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Aug 282013

From my inbox yesterday afternoon:

Grumpy Cat, you took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Don Kenner

    Oh, I don’t know… Since they “would be more than willing to follow any specific guidelines you have,” you could lay out some objectivist guidelines, restricting them to only advocating policies or actions that do not infringe on the rights of others (thus eliminating 99% of government coercion). Be interesting to see what they come up with!

    You could also tell them that you charge $300 an hour to proof and vet their guest blog. It’s the standard rate.

    • David Blankenau

      Nice thought, but do you really think there’s even a one in a million chance that a law firm advocating “social justice” would even understand this blog, much less be able to (or want to) write for it? It would be an interesting experiment to let them try, but as Grumpy Cat said, … NO!

      • Don Kenner

        No chance at all they would want to write a Guest Blog here. That’s the point. I would just mess with them. But Ms. Hsieh is probably nicer than I am.

        Would they understand it? I am constantly amazed at how difficult it is to explain even the simplest concepts concerning rational selfishness to highly educated adults.

        “If I pursue my self-interest without harming you or violating the commons, should I not be able to do so without government interference?”

        Sure! they say.

        “So I can purchase raw milk from a farmer even if that farmer doesn’t have a govt. license to sell the milk to me?”

        Well…no. That would be wrong.

        [bangs head against table].

        It’s like Ricky on THE TRAILER PARK BOYS says: “It’s not rocket surgery.”

        • JFSanders

          ” to highly educated adults”

          That is where you went wrong. You are trying to teach highly indoctrinated people of majority age. They are most certainly not educated in the classical sense nor are they adults in the maturity of emotional control or thought sense.

  • c_andrew

    I think we need some “pony action” here!

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