Another Weekend, Another Jumper Show

 Posted by on 21 September 2013 at 10:00 am  Horses, Personal, Sports
Sep 212013

Lila and I competed in another jumper show last weekend. My primary goal was to take her to a wholly new place, again to see whether she’d balk at the jumps. As it happened, I had a bad case of nerves — so much so that I was weak in the knees when warming up — but Lila was great! The jumps were set at their maximum of 2’9″, and many looked scary. However, my fabulous girl Lila didn’t give them a second glance. She’s really become a much more confident and dependable jumper of late.

As for me, I’ve been making amazing progress in the last few weeks, but I still did plenty wrong. Lila needs to be more collected, with a better uphill canter. I still need to sit back, and I need to make sure that she gets to the base of the fence, rather than taking off long and weak. Also, she tended to be a bit crooked on some fences, so I need to insist more on her going straight. Still, I think that I’ll be ready to move up to the 3′ (low jumper) class next time.

Here are my three rides, with video taken by Paul. (He’s been so supportive! I love it!)

First class:

Second class:

Third class:

I knocked down one rail in the first and third classes, unfortunately. Also, my pace was slow (intentionally). So I received sixth place, fifth place, and sixth place out of about 10 riders. Not too bad, and we learned lots! So I’d consider that a win for us!

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