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Nov 082013

  • Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Naptime Into Dream Adventures: “Do babies dream when they sleep, or they simply rest peacefully? Queenie Liao, an artist and a mother of three boys, has shared the adventurous dramas that her child Wengenn dreams of during his sleep.”
  • Iowa TA Accidentally Emails Sexually Explicit Photos to Students: Hence, my Rule #1 about naked pictures of yourself: DON’T DO IT, EVER. The risk of malice or accident is just too high… and people cannot unsee.
  • Taxonomy of Fuck: Awesome, except that it lacks my favorite expression of severe dismay, namely “fuckity fuck fuck.”
  • Google’s Cars Now Drive Better Than You Do: A self-driving car would improve my quality of life immensely. I can’t wait for our new automotive overlords!
  • Response to Government Moving to Ban the Word “Government”: It ends with “WHEREFORE, Captain Justice, Guardian of the Realm and Leader of the Resistance, primarily asks that the Court deny the State’s motion, as lacking legal basis. Alternatively, the Citizen Accused moves for an order in limine modifying the speech code as aforementioned, and requiring any other euphemisms and feel-good terms as the Court finds appropriate.” I hope the judged laughed. I sure did!
  • Average Commute Times: I’m scared for the places where nearly an hour is the average commute time. I commuted up to Boulder — just over an hour each way — for seven years. I only did that two to four times per week, but it was exhausting. No wonder I don’t want any greater commute than “walk downstairs to the basement” now.
  • Fed judge: Texas abortion limits unconstitutional: “A federal judge determined Monday that new Texas abortion restrictions place an unconstitutional burden on women seeking to end a pregnancy, a ruling that keeps open dozens of abortion clinics across the state while officials appeal.” GOOD!
  • ‘No Woman, No Drive’: Saudi Arabian music video spoofs ban on female drivers: “[This video is] also a reminder that some Saudi men do actively support women’s efforts for greater rights. When women drove in protest in 2011, many had brothers or husbands sitting in the passenger seats, taking photos and videos to help broadcast the demonstration and further the movement. The video nicely skewers not just the restrictions but, ever so subtly, the ideas behind it: that women are fragile and must be protected by men in ways that also just happen to put them under male dominance, that women exist primarily to serve men and reproduce, and above all that the driving restrictions are means of forcing women to submit even their freedom of movement to male control.”
  • Map: Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Boys, State-by-State: Conclusion: Names for boys were very boring until recently.
  • 10 Awesome People Who Turned Challenges Into Amazing Halloween Costumes: Hooray for awesome people!
  • San Francisco to be transformed into Gotham City for 5-year-old’s Make-A-Wish: Again, hooray for awesome people!
  • In Bullying Case, Questions on N.F.L. Culture: “Any time a guy feels disrespected and like he can’t go to work and feel comfortable, that’s when you can’t have that in the locker room,” the veteran Jets guard Willie Colon said. “Because at the end of the day, he’s playing, he’s playing for you, so you’ve got to take care of each other.” I abhor cultures of hazing, and I wish that more people (not just NFL players) had the attitude expressed in the quote. Also, just because you didn’t mind being hazed — or even enjoyed it — doesn’t mean that others do or should feel the same.

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