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Jan 272006

Most of you probably know of my great dislike of random questions or remarks posted on wholly unrelated blog posts. However much discussions in the comments may stray from the original topic of the blog post, NoodleFood is still not a general discussion board. Still, I’m sympathetic to the desire to ask such random questions in my comments, since NoodleFood does have such a great roster of regular commenters! In the past, I’ve requested that people e-mail me such questions. I reply when and as I can, sometimes even blogging the question and my answer. However, that’s burdensome for me, since I’m regularly drowning just in my other e-mail. (I do work hard to keep my inbox down to a manageable size of about 25 messages., but that’s quite a struggle.)

So, in response to a request from Ergo, I’ve decided to establish something of a few feature on NoodleFood. I’ll call it, “Questions for NoodleFood.” Basically, if you e-mail me a question of general interest, I will blog it on NoodleFood with a request for replies in the comments. (I might also add a comment or two of my own to the blog post itself.) I particularly hope that people new to Objectivism will write in questions, as I think that the replies in the comments are likely to be helpful. And I hope that the NoodleFood commenters most knowledgeable about Objectivism will reply to these questions — as time permits and interest motivates.

All kinds of questions will be welcome, including:

  • What is the Objectivist view of … ?
  • What are the best Objectivist sources on the topic of … ?
  • Why do Objectivists say … about the issue of … ?
  • What does Ayn Rand mean in the following passage?
  • What do you think of the lectures … ?
  • How can Ayn Rand’s view on … be reconciled with her view on … ?
  • What is wrong with idea … from philosopher … ?
  • What do folks think is right or wrong about this online essay?
  • How do I apply principle … to my life given situation … ?
  • What’s a good book (not necessarily by an Objectivist) on the topic of … ?
  • What do you think of this criticism to the Objectivist view on …?

    I will not post rude or disrespectful comments, demands to respond to accusations, and the like. Please make sure that your question is worded as clearly as possible, preferably with an example or two, so that the replies in the comments may be on-target. Feel free to ask follow-up questions in the comments. (Beware: I will post the e-mail as it was sent, spelling errors and all!) If you wish to remain anonymous, just say so in the e-mail. Otherwise, I will use your name, but not your e-mail address. (You can post that in the comments, if you wish to receive private replies to your question.) If you have a blog or web site to which you’d like me to link, please mention it in the e-mail. Questions are welcome from anyone with a serious, respectful, and honest interest in Objectivism, whether in agreement with the philosophy or not. Please send your e-mail to

    I will post these “Questions for NoodleFood” as they arrive in my inbox. I might get one a year — or one a week. My main concern here is simply to explicitly mention it as an option.

    Of course, neither I nor my commenters speak for Objectivism — only Ayn Rand’s works do that.

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