Firefly, Once Again

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Mar 072006

Adrian Hester just sent me a delightful note about Firefly:

By the way, I meant to thank you for going on so about Firefly. I finally got the chance to watch them this past weekend, as well as Serenity, and only did so because you’d praised them so highly. They’re superlative, and I plan to get the DVDs in the near future. In the past, one of my favorite SF shows was Blake’s Seven, but Firefly surpasses it on its own ground–tight plots, excellent characters, fascinating world as a background, the fight against oppression, and all that–with one exception: Firefly didn’t last four seasons (yet, anyway), alas.

Paul and I recently re-watched and very much enjoyed the movie Serenity. Since watching Serenity, we’ve entered a far darker science fiction universe: Battlestar Galactica. Right now, we’re in the middle of the first season. So far, on a sense of life level, I don’t like it as much as either Firefly or 24. The characters are too morally gray, without the larger-than-life heroes of those other series. And the universe is too bleak, too hopeless. Still, Paul and I do generally like the series. (We’ve had quite a few discussions about the philosophy of law issues raised by the episodes we’ve seen so far.) And we’re already ordered season 2, as 2.0 and 2.5.

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