A Quick Thought on Aggression in Dogs

 Posted by on 4 March 2015 at 10:00 am  Animals, Dogs
Mar 042015

A quick thought in response to some BuzzFeed article along the lines of “it’s all how you raise pitbulls, not about the breed”:

Sorry folks, but as the owner of a much beloved dog with fear-aggression problems (Mae), I call bullshit. My dog wasn’t ever traumatized, she’s on meds (prozac, which helps tremendously), and I’ve done tons and tons of training with her. And guess what? Her problem still persists, even though much lessened in severity so that she’s pretty manageable.

Really, why do people suddenly think that all mental problems are due to environmental causes — that none are genetic or otherwise inborn — when considering dogs?

I’ve known some awesome pitbulls, and I’m not opposed to the breed per se. However, genetics in dogs matters a whole lot, and breeds are known for certain kinds of temperaments for a reason.

Addendum: I just read the article, and it’s even more stupid than I thought. The tendency to aggression in dogs has nothing to do with the size of that dog. *facepalm*

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