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Jul 172015

  • Bill Perry

    I don’t really care whether the servers remove my plate when I am finished. But I eat slowly and they inevitably ask if they may remove my plate when I have a few bites left. That is incredibly annoying. When I am finished I place my knife and fork across the plate in the universal symbol that indicates that I am finished. Bluntly it is rude to ask to clear a plate when someone isn’t completely finished or hasn’t indicated that they are.

  • James

    In my job the majority of injuries happen when walking or driving. My job once included me being in the exhaust of a Satrun V rocket while it was test fired, and routinely involves working alone in harsh environments five miles from the neares road. People drastically underestimate the risks associated with strapping yourself into a multi-ton hunk of metal with a packet of explosives strapped to the underside, hurtling through dense conditions, and trying to be the guidance system!

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