2006 Blizzard

 Posted by on 21 December 2006 at 9:24 am  The Beasts
Dec 212006

Denver is presently in the midst of a small blizzard. It has snowed about two feet at our house so far. It is still snowing. It is expected to snow another few inches. Here’s what it looks like so far:

Today is quite lovely and peaceful, but that was not the case yesterday. It was blowing like hell, often forming rather large drifts, like this one right in front of our front door:

As a result of yesterday’s wind, the barn is full of snow. The horses, although blanketed in their high-tech winter gear, were completely miserable yesterday. I was so concerned about them that I trudged down to the barn last night at 11 p.m. to feed them some hot grain soup. (I just add hot water to their grain to make a hot mush. If they’re chilly, it helps warm them up quickly.) By then, however, the wind had calmed down. Still, they’re always happy to be fed. Here they are this morning, looking not-so-miserable:

Abby and Kate have been enjoying the snow — except when they get caught in a snow drift!

The cats, although not permitted outside, have enjoyed the snow the most, I think. When it snows, the birds are far more active than usual at the bird feeders. Moreover, their fluttery dark colors really pop against the white snow. So the cats are glued to the windows, swishing their tails and chattering, just like Elliot is here:

I’m feeling a bit stir crazy, particularly since Paul is gone. He slept at work last night; I’m pretty sure he’ll do the same tonight. Ah well, I have plenty of work to keep my busy!

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