A Tidbit or Three

 Posted by on 21 July 2002 at 9:13 pm  Uncategorized
Jul 212002

Tidbit #1: Camp Indecon was great! I’ll have to blog more on that later. (Perhaps much later, as I’m headed out of town for 9 days on Tuesday.)

Tidbit #2: Alex Baia, a friend up at Boulder, read my reasons for switching from ethics to epistemology and wrote me this delightful response:

I’m glad that you have decided to join the darkside once again. Why be concerned with an uninteresting issue like whether abortion is right or wrong, when you can write an abstruse treatise for or against the logical possibility of time travel through backwards causation? I can see no reason.

Tidbit #3: To get to Camp Indecon today, I drove down Highway 67, though some of areas burned by the Hayman fire. It was a mind-boggling mixture of destruction and beauty, often all in a single view. I hope to take some pictures on my drive down tomorrow.

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