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May 082007

I’ve just updated the main page of DianaHsieh.com with the graduate papers that I’ve written over the last year. If you’re interested, feel free to take a peek at them:

  • Stillborn Ends – Paper for Contemporary Moral Theories (Ben Hale, Spring 2006) on the major defects in David Schmidtz’s attempt to ground final ends in “maieutic ends.” Completed on 3 May 2007. 5663 words.
  • Descartes and Newton on Body – Paper for Medieval Origins of Modern Philosophy (Robert Pasnau, Spring 2006) on Descartes’ account of the nature of body and Newton’s criticisms thereof. Completed on 15 April 2007. 6660 words.
  • Locke on Human Action – Paper for Locke (Dan Kaufman, Fall 2004) on Locke’s mechanistic theory of the generation of human action. Completed on 14 March 2007. 6758 words.
  • Better Good Than Lucky: The Illusion of Constitutive Moral Luck – 5th Semester Qualifying Paper on the failure of Nagel’s constitutive moral luck in the face of Aristotle’s account of moral responsibility for character. Completed on 7 December 2006. 10717 words.

    Please remember that these papers were written for graduate courses, not for my own purposes. However, I do think that the Aristotelian positions I defend in both Better Good Than Lucky and Stillborn Ends are substantially correct.

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