Post Normal Science

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Jun 192007

A while back, Billy Beck sent me a link to this horrid bit of “post-normal science”:

But there is also a third way of interpreting contemporary science, which is yet one further step removed from the binary truth-falsehood view of Singer and Avery. This third way of seeing science pays more attention to the social and cultural context in which science works and speaks than to the phenomena being studied. Who are the scientists, what are their values, motives and preferences, why are they being asked to study this particular problem rather than some other problem, and who funds them? This understanding of science is what sociologists have termed its social construction.

In fact, that’s nothing even remotely like an “understanding of science” — unless that quaint notion of “reality” is discarded as white man’s trash.

How did science get so bad? In a word: Kant. For the gory details of Kant’s destructive influence on science, see Dave Harriman’s course The Philosophic Corruption of Physics.

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