Aug 212007

This is a great little story of man who refused to be eaten by crocodiles. Seriously:

An Australian cattle rancher has told how he spent seven days up a tree looking down into the jaws of two hungry crocodiles after stumbling into a swamp crawling with the reptiles.

David George, 53, was knocked unconscious after falling from his horse during a bush-burning operation in north Queensland.

Dazed and bleeding after coming round, he remounted his horse hoping it would take him home. Instead it took him to a swamp criss-crossed by crocodile tracks.

Surrounded by “salties” – saltwater crocodiles – Mr George realised his only chance was to climb.

Injured and with just two meat sandwiches to sustain him, he spent the next six nights tied to a branch as the would-be man-eaters prowled below.

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