The Infidel

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Sep 272007

I find comic books and graphic novels too difficult to read: I just can’t mange to alternate between looking at the pictures and reading the text without feeling overstrained. That’s a lamentable deficiency on my part, as I really like the comic-superhero genre.

However, for those in possession of this elementary cognitive ability, the forthcoming graphic novel by ex-Muslim Bosch Fawstin might be of interest. It’s titled “The Infidel.” He describes the basic story as follows: “The Infidel is about American twin brothers from a Muslim background who have absolute opposite responses to 9/11: One becomes a counter-jihad cartoonist and the other becomes a born-again Muslim who goes jihad, and their choices force them to come head to head with one another after their break on 9/11.”

That sounds promising! His blog has more information.

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