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Sep 282007

Overheard at NYU:

Professor: What words do we get from the name Aphrodite?

Student #1: Hermaphrodite.

Professor: Yes — from the union of Aphrodite and Hermes. What else?

Student #2: Aphrodisiac!

Professor: Good! And what is an aphrodisiac?

Students: [Silence.]

Professor: Are you all Victorians? Come on… What’s it called when one uses something to arouse sexual appetite?

Student #3: Necrophiliac! [Class laughs.]

Professor: I have to advise you to invest in a dictionary, as it’s simply prudent to know the difference between a necrophiliac and an aphrodisiac. Hopefully, you won’t ever need to thank me for that.

Ah yes, true higher education in action! (I shouldn’t snark: In my Intro Phil class yesterday, the Paris Hilton South Park episode somehow came up while discussing various informal fallacies.) Here’s some more:

Political philosophy professor after oral surgery: I had a choice to make: I could have stayed home like a happy clam on Percocet, or I could teach class… I miss the Percocet.

–Hunter College

Professor: Don’t get too excited — I’m not putting you into groups. Yeah, I saw you all sitting there, looking around, thinking ‘Which of these fuckers is going to do all of the work?’

–Fordham University

Wow, I soooooo want an “Overheard on Campus.”

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