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 Posted by on 20 December 2007 at 8:00 am  Law, Religion
Dec 202007

Monica of Spark A Synapse has blogged some good stuff of late, e.g. on grading public school exams, on overcoming hatred of Christmas, and on whether Scientology should be banned.

As for Scientology, the major question for me is whether the Church of Scientology is a fundamentally or substantially criminal organization or not. I can’t pretend to answer that question definitively. My understanding is that the protection from scrutiny given by the designation of the Church of Scientology as a church, combined with its own secrecy, makes certain knowledge of any criminal wrongs rather difficult. The stories commonly heard about it are deeply worrisome, however.

In any case, my own years-long nightmare of being sued by a Scientologist for making unfavorable public comments about the religion he wouldn’t even admit as his own made perfectly clear that the organization and its members ought to be prevented from abusing the legal system as they so often do. A person doesn’t deserve “a day in court” just because he managed to file a lawsuit, particularly not when that costs others acting within their rights years of peace of mind and many thousands of dollars.

Of course, that problem isn’t limited to Scientologists; tort reform is needed to protect all people from unjust lawsuits from all corners. Scientologists merely seem particularly apt to abuse the system whenever someone displeases them.

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