More NoodleFoodlers?

 Posted by on 1 May 2008 at 7:09 am  NoodleFood
May 012008

I’m interested in adding another blogger or two to NoodleFood. I’m looking for someone with a solid grasp of Objectivism, careful habits of thought, thoroughgoing commitments to honesty and justice, and a good sense of fun. I’ll probably need to know any potential NoodleFoodler already, at least from some internet writings. (Or, the person can be a “guest blogger” for a month or so.)

Any potential NoodleFoodler should be willing to write at least a few posts per month. The posts need not be deeply philosophical, but they should be informative, thought-provoking, and/or entertaining. In general, posts should be commentaries of less than 1000 words, not long essays. Even shorter posts are fine.

NoodleFood is wholly my blog, to which some other fine folks contribute. I definitely value the input of my fellow bloggers, but I am the final authority in all Noodle-ish matters. So I act as the editor of the blog: posts are published by me only after I review them. In case of serious disagreement, I retain the right to refuse to publish a post. However, that’s never happened. Usually, disagreements are minor. In such cases, I discuss the problem with the author before posting, in the hope of making some mutually satisfactory changes. If no such agreement can be reached, I might express my own views in a note at the bottom of the post or in the comments.

Any new blogger must be approved by all existing NoodleFoodlers.

If you’re interested, please drop me an e-mail with a link to some relevant writings and/or a sample post or two, plus any other relevant information.


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