Software Recommendation: EndNote

 Posted by on 20 June 2008 at 12:27 am  Academia, Recommendations
Jun 202008

Sometime early in graduate school, Paul recommended that I buy EndNote, a program for managing citations in writing. Since I’ve found it an invaluable time-saver, particularly for large projects like my prospectus and dissertation, I’m passing on the recommendation to other academics and writers.

The program allows you to maintain a database of citations, easily insert them into your papers, and then format them in whatever format you want, e.g. Chicago 15th A. In addition to standard formats, you can customize existing formats or create your own. It handles parenthetical citations, footnotes/endnotes, and bibliographies. In addition, it allows you to make notes on sources, include keywords and abstracts, etc. So for my dissertation, EndNote has served as a master database of sources. So I know that I’ve skimmed, read, and/or taken notes on a source; I know what sources I need to review or read as I write each chapter; I know whether a source will likely be helpful. For me, EndNote is software that I cannot write without.

The program is available for Mac and Windows. EndNote “X1″ is a bit pricey: $110 for students and $220 for non-student educators from the Academic Superstore. However, I’ve found that it’s well-worth the price. With every paper I write, the program has saved me enormous amounts of time in preparing citations and bibliographies.

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