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Feb 132003

I’m trying to blog more regularly, but I cut the tip of my finger tonight, so I can’t type without blood and pain. I can avoid the finger while typing, as I am right now, but that’s annoying. I guess I’m just not sufficiently committed. (Strangely enough, my finger was cut in the process of making a sweeping gesture with my arm across the kitchen counter when an almost-removed lid of a can of chicken broth got in my way by about 1/4 of an inch. Go figure.)

In better news, my new barebones computer system arrived today, so I’ll be installing cannibalized components from other machines and the latest version of RedHat to make a new co-located server. Very cool! I also got a wireless networking router plus cards for our two laptops, so that we can experience our new speedy internet connection throughout the house.

Here’s a final tidbit for the evening: According to one of the stupid anti-war folks on the unmoderated allegedly-sort-of-Objectivist list Atlantis, a war with Iraq will result in “most of its citizens dead and lying under tons of rubble.” The mind boggles not just at the sheer numbers advocated, but also at the blindness to the (successful) efforts of the US military in recent decades to substantially limit non-combatant casualties. But given the general lack of intelligent debate on the list, such silliness is to be expected — but still lamented.

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