FROG Media Output: Winter 2008-2009

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Apr 022009

The following is the published media output of the Front Range Objectivism Group for Winter 2008-2009 (Dec 1, 2008 – March 31, 2009).

This is just our published output in print and other media. It does not include web comments, letters to elected officials, and other activism which is also important in advancing our goals. Pretty much everyone in FROG is doing this in their spare time, in addition to their own full-time work/school/etc.

I’d like to thank my fellow FROG members for their willingness to publicly stand up for their values!


  • OpEds: 18
  • LTEs: 27
  • Articles: 1
  • Media Citations: 7
  • Radio/Television Appearances: 7

OpEds: 18

Linn and Ari Armstrong, “Politicians Caused and Worsened the Great Depression”, Grand Junction Free Press, 12/8/2008.

Linn and Ari Armstrong, “Would Santa Claus plead for a bailout?”, Grand Junction Free Press, 12/22/2008.

Brian Schwartz, “Liberty is best prescription for health care”, Rocky Mountain News, 12/26/2008.

Paul Hsieh, “Polis vs. Polis on Cars and Health Care”, Boulder Daily Camera, 12/28/2008.

Linn and Ari Armstrong, “Shut down corporate welfare for tourism”, Grand Junction Free Press, 1/5/2009.

Paul Hsieh, “Universal healthcare and the waistline police”, Christian Science Monitor, 1/7/2009. (Also redistributed to ABC News, Yahoo News and multiple local newspapers.)

Linn and Ari Armstrong, “Obamanomics threaten economic recovery”, Grand Junction Free Press, 1/19/2009.

Ari Armstrong, “Free Our Beer”, Colorado Daily, 1/25/2009.

Linn and Ari Armstrong, “Salazar promotes special-interest warfare”, Grand Junction Free Press, 2/2/2009.

Paul Hsieh, “Obama’s Regulatory Chief Believes in Paternalistic Government”, Pajamas Media, 2/10/2009.

Linn and Ari Armstrong, “We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help You Drive”, Grand Junction Free Press, 2/16/2009.

Ari Armstrong, “Food Thoughts”, Boulder Weekly, 2/19/2009.

Paul Hsieh, “America Doesn’t Need a Health Care Czar”, Washington Examiner, 2/23/2009.

Paul Hsieh, “Ayn Rand and the Tea Party Protests”, Pajamas Media, 3/2/2009.

Linn and Ari Armstrong, “Political Controls Provoke Producers to Go On Strike”, Grand Junction Free Press, 3/2/2009.

Brian Schwartz, “Beware single-payer health care”, Colorado Daily, 3/8/2009 (also Denver Daily News, 3/9/2009).

Paul Hsieh, “Health Insurance Industry Sells Its Soul to the Devil”, Pajamas Media, 3/22/2009.

Linn and Ari Armstrong, “Everyone is welcome at Hamburger Mary’s”, Grand Junction Free Press, 3/30/2009.

LTEs: 27

Paul Hsieh, “Health Care Debate”, Los Angeles Times, 12/4/2008.

Ari Armstrong, “Here’s to Prohibition’s end”, Rocky Mountain News, 12/5/2008.

Paul Hsieh, “Steer clear of making purchase mandatory”, Boston Globe, 12/8/2008.

Santiago Valenzeula, “Public employees’ retirement woes”, Denver Post, 12/8/2008.

Paul Hsieh, “GOP’s ‘social conservatism’ alienates young Republicans”, Christian Science Monitor, 12/22/2008.

Paul Hsieh, “Three Big Problems With Obama’s Health-Care Plan”, Wall Street Journal, 12/22/2008.

Paul Hsieh, “‘Concierge’ model offers a free-market solution”, Baltimore Sun, 1/2/2009.

Brian Schwartz, ” Come together… right now: It’s the law”, Boulder Daily Camera, 1/3/2009.

Gina Liggett, “Science adviser pick is pure politics”, Rocky Mountain News, 1/6/2009.

Ari Armstrong, “Economic grief started with Hoover, not FDR”, Denver Post, 1/7/2009.

Brian Schwartz, “New insurance law wastes taxpayer dollars”, Denver Post, 1/7/2009.

Richard Watts, “Let’s try capitalism for a change”, Rocky Mountain News, 1/9/2009.

Brian Schwartz, “Year-round Schooling”, Boulder Daily Camera, 1/10/2009.

Paul Hsieh, “Kefalas readies comprehensive health-care bill”, Northern Colorado Business Report, 1/16/2009.

Paul Hsieh, “Government paternalism saps desire to make own decisions”, Colorado Springs Gazette, 1/22/2009.

Brian Schwartz, “Medicare For All”, Boulder Daily Camera, 2/7/2009.

Hannah Krening, “The Stimulus Plan”, Denver Post, 2/11/2009.

Paul Hsieh, “Single-payer health care has failed in every other country”, Rocky Mountain News, 2/18/2009.

Paul Hsieh, “Heads they win, tails we lose”, Rocky Mountain News, 2/19/2009.

Ari Armstrong, “No food stamp soup for you!”, Westworld, 2/19/2009.

Richard Watts, “Lincoln did not value unity above liberty”, Rocky Mountain News, 2/25/2009.

Brian Schwartz, “Free market alternatives to zoning”, Boulder Daily Camera, 2/28/2009.

Ari Armstrong, “Legislator’s comments on promiscuous women”, Denver Post, 3/4/2009.

Brian Schwartz, “HB 1256 would aid health coverage”, Denver Business Journal, 3/6/2009.

Brian Schwartz, “Ward Churchill”, Boulder Daily Camera, 3/28/2009.

Paul Hsieh, “Our Health, and the Health of Insurers”, New York Times, 3/30/2009.

Brian Schwartz, “Eliminating the charitable tax deduction”, Denver Post, 3/30/2009.

Articles: 1

Ari Armstrong, “Lest We Be Doomed to Repeat It: A Survey of Amity Shlaes’s History of the Great Depression”, The Objective Standard, Spring 2009.

Media Citations: 7

Paul Hsieh cited in “Universal health coverage? Look to Bay State first”, San Francisco Examiner, 1/10/2009.

Paul Hsieh, cited in “Universal coverage? First, look at the disaster in Massachusetts”, Washington DC Examiner, 1/11/2009.

Ari Armstrong cited in “Chowing down on Ari Armstrong’s low-carb food-stamp diet”, Denver Westworld, 2/11/2009.

Ari Armstrong cited in “Double Standard”, Rocky Mountain News, 2/20/2009.

Ari Armstrong cited in “Trying to eat cheap and healthy”, Colorado 9 News, 2/23/09.

Ari Armstrong cited in “Inflation Nation”, Colorado Springs Gazette, 3/5/09.

Ari Armstrong cited in “Beer Bill Not Dead?”, Denver Daily News, 3/16/09.

Radio/Television Appearances: 7

Ari Armstrong, Colorado 9 News, “Low carb food stamp challenge”, 2/23/2009.

Ari Armstrong, Mike McConnell radio show, “Low-Carb Food Stamp Diet”, 3/4/2009.

Ari Armstrong beer protest, all 5 Denver TV news stations, 3/13/09

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