Amit Ghate: Ayn Rand as Prophet?

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Apr 132009

Congratulations to Amit Ghate for his recent essay on Ayn Rand which was just published by PajamasMedia. Here’s the introduction:

Ayn Rand as Prophet
April 13, 2009 – by Amit Ghate

In recent months there has been a surge of interest in Ayn Rand’s works. Fifty-two years after its first publication, her novel Atlas Shrugged is once again topping best-seller lists. As businesses are “bailed out” and quasi-nationalized; as one regulation leads inexorably to the next; and as the productive and innocent are increasingly burdened with the sins and failures of the guilty — many people recognize the haunting resemblance to the world depicted in Atlas. Some now characterize Rand as a “prophet.”” Others, as seen on placards at “tea parties” nationwide, simply observe: “Rand was Right.” But that she was right is, in some respects, less important than why she was right…

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I’m glad to see Rand’s ideas receiving the attention they deserve. And I’m glad to see Objectivists stepping up to help promote those ideas in venues like PajamasMedia.

Here’s the comment I left in response:

Thanks for a terrific essay, Amit!

The original Tea Party protesters were not just fighting against higher taxes but *for* something positive — the idea of individual rights. And in the process they helped create the greatest nation on earth.

Similarly, today’s Tea Party protesters need to do more than just oppose bad government bailouts. They also need to support the positive case for limited government and capitalism. Fortunately, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged provides us with precisely the positive case we need — a philosophy that defends the morality of rational self-interest and the importance of freedom in allowing honest men and women to pursue their own happiness.

Ayn Rand’s ideas provide the necessary intellectual foundation that Americans need to save America. Let’s hope more people read her books and debate her ideas. The future of our country may well depend on it!

Once again, Amit — thank you!

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