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Apr 232009

Yaron Brook has appeared several times on the Pajamas TV internet news and commentary website. I’ve enjoyed all of his videos, and I’m glad to see him getting such a wide exposure in the “New Media” world.

Here are the links to his appearances:

3/18/2009: “Is Atlas Shrugging?
3/30/2009: “Is the Government in the Car Business?
4/10/2009: “A Rally to Come on Wall Street?
4/15/2009: “Yaron Brook & Terry Jones on the Tea Parties
4/17/2009: “Tea Party Aftermath; Recovery Coming?

The interviewer Allan Barton asks good questions, and he has given Yaron Brook excellent opportunities to discuss fundamental ideas. So if you haven’t watched these videos yet, go check them out!

The ARC is also maintaining a dedicated webpage for these and future appearances on PJTV: “The Ayn Rand Center on Pajamas TV“.

Overall, PajamasMedia has been a good outlet for Objectivists. In the past three months, they’ve also published the following OpEds by Amit Ghate and myself:

2/10/2009: “Obama’s Regulatory Chief Believes in Paternalistic Government” by Paul Hsieh
3/02/2009: “Ayn Rand and the Tea Party Protests” by Paul Hsieh
3/22/2009: “Health Insurance Industry Sells Its Soul to the Devil” by Paul Hsieh
4/13/2009: “Ayn Rand as Prophet?” by Amit Ghate

(Disclaimer: Neither Amit nor I work for the ARI/ARC. We speak only for ourselves in our respective writings.)

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