Apr 292009

In anticipation of the nationwide April 15 Tea Parties, FIRM (Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine) offered free copies of Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s “Health Care is Not a Right” brochures to Objectivists to distribute at their local Tea Parties. Based on feedback from around the country, these were popular items.

I’ve since received multiple requests for more brochures, but unfortunately I’ve given them all away.

However, Tod (the original designer of the brochure) has created a nicely-formatted PDF version of Dr. Peikoff’s essay. Now anyone can download and print out copies to give out at future Tea Parties, community events, etc.

The link to this version, as well as to other OpEds and essays can be found at the main FIRM webpage.

BTW, Tod is also the creator of the Objectivist greeting cards, including the popular alternative Dec 25 “Newton Cards“.

Thanks again to everyone who helped spread Dr. Peikoff’s essay last week!

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