Are Americans Paying Attention?

 Posted by on 3 June 2009 at 11:01 pm  Culture
Jun 032009

Wow: Only six percent of Americans can answer all twelve questions on this current event quiz correctly. The average is just eight right.

I’ve paid little attention to the news in recent months. Also, even when I do follow the news, I don’t follow any particular news source, nor regularly scan the headlines. In other words, my news reading is pretty haphazard and spotty — and nearly nonexistent of late. Nonetheless, my score was perfect. I was a bit iffy on two questions, but I knew enough to make good guesses. Consequently, I’m pretty aghast that I did so much better than most Americans.

(Via The Agitator.)

Update: I misread the chart. By some testing, I found that the average is eight right answers out of twelve.

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