Paring Down the NoodleFoodlers

 Posted by on 9 October 2009 at 4:00 am  NoodleFood
Oct 092009

As you might have noticed, I updated NoodleFood’s template earlier this week. I changed some font and other style settings. I added and removed some links. I still haven’t updated my blogroll though. (I’ll get to that eventually, I swear!)

I’ve also pared down the NoodleFoodlers to just Paul, Greg, and me. We’ve not had any kind of falling out. Rather, given my future career plans, NoodleFood needs to become my own blog again, as opposed to a group blog. As my better half, Paul will remain on NoodleFood permanently. Given Greg’s excellent contributions over the years, including during my dissertation crunch, I just couldn’t bring myself to give him the boot. Plus, I definitely want him to continue his regular updates on The Objectivism Seminar. However, for the sake of PR, I’ll probably demote him to “Guest Blogger” soon, likely when I overhaul the whole of

I must say, that overhaul is long overdue. For definitive proof, look at the first line in the “about me” on the main page: “I am a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the process of finishing up my coursework.” Ha! That’s about two and a half years old!

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