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Apr 212003

Last night, I broke my office chair. Really. I must have stressed out the metal around one of the casters repeatedly leaning over to pick up papers that failed to properly insert themselves into the trash can. The chair just couldn’t take the stress anymore. It died a quiet, slightly lopsided, immobile death.

I had actually been meaning to replace the chair for some time. It was an el cheapo kneeling chair that Paul had bought (and later discarded in favor of his Herman Miller chair) before we were married. The chair helped keep my carpal tunnel problems to a minimum, which tend to flare up if I cannot sit close to my desk or if forced to use The Contraption of Terrible Wrist Evil otherwise known the keyboard tray. I was planning on replacing the (now-broken) chair because it was fairly harsh on my shins due to pathetic padding. However, I use the term “planning” here rather loosely. If my chair hadn’t broken, I might not have gotten around to replacing it for another few years. Generally speaking, I’m about as efficient in running such optional errands as a Soviet-era bureaucrat.

So today, I bought my new chair. (Yes, it took all of about 10 minutes.) It’s another kneeling chair, but a fancy one with big Tempur-pedic foam cushions. A big step up for me, office-chair-wise! Unfortunately, it was way, way, way to tall for my desk, even at its shortest.

I considered raising the height of the desk, but gave up after mangling a can of kitty food during the “how high?” test phase. Paul and I examined, poked, and prodded the chair, considering the various methods of lowering the height. Finally, I made an executive decision: I would carefully drill two additional large holes on the bottom-back bar to lower the seat. It took a while, but the holes were drilled and the chair was reassembled.

So I am now basking in the glory of my new chair. Well, at least my shins are happy.

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