An American Idol Prayer

 Posted by on 22 April 2003 at 6:12 pm  Uncategorized
Apr 222003

Dear Lord,

If you really are almighty and just, please do not grant Carmen Rasmusen another week of protection from the justice of her dismissal from American Idol. Please Lord, I beseech you. Watching two far more talented singers dismissed before her these past two weeks has been most painful. Another week of the same would be intolerable. It would shatter my faith in a rational, benevolent universe.

Your Loving Servant Who Believes in You Not a Whit,

Diana Hsieh

P.S. Can you please send plagues of locusts or something to the houses of all those who voted for her? I’d be much obliged.

Update: Given Josh Gracin’s abysmal performance this evening, I’d be okay with him being booted instead of Carmen this week. But then next week, Carmen must go!

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