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Jan 222010
  • Writing Five-Year Goals: John Drake tells us why we should know our five-year goals — and how to formulate them. Then he tells us how he wrote his. Writing my own five-year goals is on my to-do list!
  • Jason Crawford has a new-ish blog “about startups, technology, entrepreneurship, business, leadership, and management.” I really liked his November post entitled Query for Judgment.
  • Prepare for 2010 by learning from failed experiments: “This month, I’m trying out new stuff, going back and doing maintenance on previous failures, and watching things explode fairly spectacularly. Why? Because if I figure out all the failure points now, while I can mentally group all the failures in the bucket of 2009, then by the time I move into 2010, I’ll already have figured out where the landmines are.” I’m a bit slow in starting 2010, so I think that February will be my January. Or something like that.
  • GTD for Academics by Aeon Skoble. I implemented GTD in much the same way he outlines while in graduate school.
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