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Apr 302003

Even in their wet dreams, the Republicans never imagined something so wonderful as the possibility that Lyndon LaRouche might be included in the nationally broadcast presidential debate on May 3rd. Apparently, various South Carolinian and other Democratic Party activists, including Joycelyn Elders, want him included. Frankly, I’m very interested in Kerry’s and Leiberman’s response to the man’s take on energy policy:

Now, the point is… Now, this goes back to a piece of scientific idiocy, which was understood already — the problem was understood by Plato, already. The concept of power, as opposed to that idiot Aristotle’s concept of energy. So, when people talk to you about nuclear energy, or solar energy, they’re Aristotelean idiots, who shouldn’t be talking. They should be monkeys, and not talk. They can chatter, but not talk.

Because, the issue here is power.

Now, power is reflected in various ways in terms of energy, relative to what people call energy. Power had two features, generally, descriptively, in the form of energy. This is not where power comes from, but this is what power reflects, in terms of energy language. One, is energy flux density. What is the intensity of energy, apparent energy, per square kilometer, cross section area of motion? It’s called energy flux density.

Now, compare the energy flux densities of various modes of power generation. Solar power is the least efficient. As a matter of fact, the use of solar power is insane. Because solar power has a very important use on this planet. Light. Light. What we want is more vegetables. We want more foliage. We want the deserts to bloom. What we want to do, is we want to get areas which are too hot, to cool down. We want more moderate weather. We want to turn the deserts into areas where people can live, under normal conditions.

But wait, there’s more! He lost me somewhere around the proposal about mango trees, I admit.

I’m sure he won’t be included… but oh what a thought!

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