Apr 152010

The April 12, 2010 edition of PJTV includes a good discussion of the latest Obama Administration foreign policy missteps by Yaron Brook and Terry Jones:


Both Jones and Brook emphasized the importance of properly identifying the enemy (rather than hiding behind vacuous terms such as “war on terror” or “war on violent extremism”).

As Jones said, properly naming the enemy is important in order to be (1) truthful to yourself, and (2) getting your policy right. And Brook noted that without properly identifying the enemy, you cannot win. In essence, Obama (and Bush before him) has committed America to not winning.

They also covered America’s new nuclear policy (or non-policy), our fraying relations with our allies, the emboldening of our enemies, and the long-term implications for America.

I highly recommend watching the whole thing.

For positive alternatives to our current failing foreign policy, read John Lewis’ Nothing Less Than Victory and Elan Journo’s Winning the Unwinnable War.

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