Sous Vide Eggs in a Mason Jar?

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May 012010

Note: I’m pretty sure these eggs would work well with the Sous Vide Hack of warm water in a beer cooler. So even if you don’t have a fancy sous vide set-up, you can try them out!

Every few days, I make a fantastic breakfast of Eggs Scrambled in the French Manner in my Sous Vide Supreme. They’re truly phenomenal, such that I’ve not made scrambled eggs in a pan since my first week of sous vide cooking back in December.

My sole problem with the dish is with the vacuum bag. In the process of mushing around the eggs, the bag has popped open or torn a few times. And it’s somewhat of a challenge to get all the egg out of the bag and into the bowls once it’s cooked.

On Wednesday morning, I tried a somewhat different technique. I used my standard recipe for two servings. (Mine differs slightly from that of M.D. Eades, mostly because five eggs will not make enough eggy deliciousness for Paul and me.) I set my Sous Vide Supreme to 167 F, then I mixed together:

  • 8 large eggs
  • 1/4 cup cream
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 oz cheese
  • pinch of sea salt

Cooked bacon or ham is also particularly fantastic in these eggs.

Instead of putting the mixture in the usual vacuum pouch, I poured it into a quart-size mason jar. It filled the jar up about 65% of its height, as you can see.

I put on a plastic lid, then set it in my well-heated Sous Vide Supreme. The water in the bath was slightly higher than the height of the eggs in the jar.

I cooked the eggs for about forty minutes, stirring it every ten minutes. Next time, I’ll likely let it be for the first 20 minutes, then stir. Then stir in another 10 minutes, then in another 5 minutes, etc. Note that the eggs expanded upwards a bit.

Undoubtedly, the eggs in the jar cook somewhat slower than in the bag due to the reduced surface area. However, unlike with the bag, I could easily tell when the eggs were perfect. Plus, the results were spectacular: the eggs were more consistently creamy than when I cook them in the bag. Also, it was far easier to get the eggs out of the jar than out of the bag!

Technically, cooking the eggs this way isn’t “sous vide” since that means “under vacuum.” However, the basic technique and the results were very much the same.

I want to try some more experiments along these lines. In particular, I’d like to cook scrambled eggs in the mason jar, but at a lower temperature for longer time, without stirring. I’m thinking maybe at 145 or 150 F for two hours. That might be yummy!

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