Condoleezza Rice, NFL Commissioner

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Apr 172002

Condoleezza Rice may not be our next VP after all. She wants to be the NFL Commissioner. Seriously. She’s a big football fan — and very knowledgeable about the game. (As a big professional football fan myself, this new tidbit of information only endears me to Condi all the more!)

Some people are still stuck in the idea that football is game watched only by men. On the OWL list recently, Cat Farrar claimed:

And just as women are turned off by men competing in the physical world (sports, fights etc), they are also turned off my [sic] intellectual sparing. Women, as a rule, don’t fight the interesting, practical or productive.

*BZZZT* Wrong! Over 40% of all serious football fans are women. Women are not helpless little lambs fearful and averse to confrontation and battle.

So hooray for hawkish women whether they be Vice Presidents or NFL Commissioners!

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