Now that my podcast on finding good romantic prospects is safely in the hands of the fine people who generously pledged to make it happen, I’d like to offer it for sale to people who didn’t pledge. However, the process will be somewhat unusual, as I explain below.

First, let me tell you about the podcast. I’m very pleased with it, but it wasn’t exactly what I expected.

Most obviously, it’s ninety minutes long, rather than the promised thirty to sixty minutes. (Bonus!) Somehow, my problem is never that I don’t have enough to say. Fancy that!

More importantly, my advice in the podcast applies just as much to seeking out prospects for friendship as it does to seeking out prospects for romance. That’s because I think the best opportunities for romantic prospects come from expanding and mining your social network of friends and acquaintances, rather than seeking romance directly. So even if you’re already happily married or attached, you’re likely to find the podcast of value. Or, as Kelly Elmore said on Twitter: “It should have been entitled Social Advice for Everyone for Every Situation. :) ” True!

The basic structure of podcast is as follows:

  • Opening remarks
  • A bit of theory:
    • Types of social relationships, visualized as a target
    • Major axes of compatibility in relationships
  • Practical advice
    • Make yourself a good prospect
    • Expand your social network
    • Engage with other people
    • Cultivate your social skills
  • Questions and answers from pledgers:
    • How can a person get better at evaluating other people’s characters when meeting them?
    • When should I reveal a psychological problem like bipolar disorder to someone I’m dating?
  • Closing remarks

As promised, much of my advice can be put into practice at OCON, or rather, even before that.

Also, one of the themes of my podcast is that you can take rational, purposeful control over your social life, rather than relying on luck. That’s what I’ll be talking about in my course at OCON in just a few weeks.

Update: I’m now selling this podcast for $20. For details, see Podcast for Sale: Finding Good Prospects for Romance and Friendship.

As of this very moment, I’m selling the podcast, but not by the ordinary means of setting a price. Instead, I’ll be accepting or rejecting your offers.

If you want the podcast, here’s what you need to do. Fill out the form below, offering whatever you think reasonable. If your offer is satisfactory to me, then I’ll accept it. I’ll send you a link to the podcast, as well as instructions for payment. If your offer is too low, then I’ll reject it. You’ll owe me nothing, but you’ll get nothing from me.

I’m not interested in haggling. You’ll have one chance to make me a good offer. So your offer should represent your judgment of the likely worth of the podcast to you. As with the pledges, I’ll happily offer a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the podcast, provided that you explain your reasons why. Also, you’re welcome to share the podcast with members of your household — but no one else.

Why am I using this method, instead of offering the podcast at a fixed price? Basically, I want to see what the podcast is worth to you, just as I did with the pledgers. And I want to be paid on that basis.

Finally, as I mentioned when I solicited pledges, I might offer the podcast for free at some point. Originally, I thought that might be sometime this fall, but now I’ll say that it won’t be until 2011, if ever. At this point, I just don’t know what I’ll do, but I wanted to give you fair notice.

[Note: The form has been removed, see the note below.]

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments or e-mail me before making an offer.

Update: I’m now selling this podcast for $20. For details, see Podcast for Sale: Finding Good Prospects for Romance and Friendship.

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