Posted by on 20 July 2010 at 1:00 pm  Link-O-Rama
Jul 202010
  • Ari Armstrong’s Notes for Twitter Haters. Ari uses Twitter to great effect in his activism efforts. My purpose is different, but Twitter serves it well. You can follow us at @AriArmstrong and @DianaHsieh, respectively.
  • If only the US government would issue coins like these for the dollar, I’m sure that people wouldn’t get them confused with the quarter!
  • The Afterlife of Stieg Larsson. It’s a fascinating read.
  • See photos of the modern Afghanistan that was. Amazing, and tragic. (I’ve not read the article yet. No time!)
  • Stay away from the History Channel. Its “World War II” show is just so darn unrealistic! (Very funny.)

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