The New Horse: Lila

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Nov 062010

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had terrible problems with carpal tunnel pain due to my hypothyroidism. Instead of gritting my teeth through that pain while I wait for my increased dose of desiccated thyroid to take effect, I decided to work on projects that would take me away from the computer, like dog training… and buying a new horse!

Much to my delight, I looked at a great prospect on last Friday — a very quiet, 15.3 hand, seven year old draft cross mare named Luisa. Here’s the description from the advertisement:

Luisa is a 7 year old dark bay, TB/Percheron cross. I bought her to boost my confidence after another horse had injured me. Mission accomplished! She is very sensible. I have ridden her along a busy Hwy with trucks going past, as well as in the arena with her pasture friends running along the fence. Didn’t spook or speed up in either situation. Now at the Horsepark in Parker. Won ribbons with novice riders at the horse park in the lower level flat and over fences classes. Luisa has been out on the hunt and is a doll on the trail. Great feet and goes without shoes. Lot’s of thick, wavy hair, full body and a large soft eye to make her adorable! To a good home.

Here she is on that Friday:

I liked her immediately, so much so that I bought her that day. (She’d already had a pre-sale vet check done.) She was delivered to me on Sunday. I was thrilled to get her, and I’m thrilled to be riding her. She’s quiet, gentle, and sensible. She’s also rather green (i.e. inexperienced, untaught), so she’s the perfect project for me.

I didn’t much like her name (Luisa) or her nickname (Lala), so I renamed her “Lila.” That’s apparently of Arabic origin, and it means “night.”

Here’s some pictures that I took of her this past week:

My other horse Tara completely freaked out when she saw Lila for the first time. Happily, once I got them in the barn, they settled in together nicely. Now they’re best buds.

Tara is too old and creaky to be ridden, so she now gets to enjoy her retirement as the companion of Lila. Life is good for all of us!

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