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Oct 222003

A while ago, I got this spam advertising translation services. Let’s just say that, based upon the quality of the English in the letter, I won’t be hiring them anytime soon.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am the general manager of Beijing Huayi Translation Co.,Ltd, that is a professional translation company based in Beijing. we supply high quality translation service. I hope to have opportunity to supply you with translation service. Our company is skilled in Chinese translation, especially in English-Chinese, Chinese-English, French-Chinese Chinese-French, German-Chinese, Chinese-German, Japanese-Chinese, Chinese-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese, Chinese-Japanese, Russian-Chinese, Chinese-Russian, Korean-Chinese and Chinese-Korean translation projects. We have finished many big projects and made many achievements in the translation industry. We have good and long-term relationships with many famous international corporations, for example, P&G, Delaware Corporation, Multiling Corporation, many governmental organizations of China and big publishing houses. We have translated about 30 books from English to Chinese for some famous press house of China. We once translated technical material of many big projects, for example, China West-East Gas Pipeline Project of PetroChina.

There are 8 full-time employees and 1500 full time and part-time translators in my company. Our weekly turnout is 250 thousand words and the monthly turnout is 1 million words. Almost all of our translators are professional translators with many experience and good education background. Most of our managers and full-time employees of our company have doctor degree or master degree in science, law or other specialties.

Our translation business mainly includes following fields: Medicine & medical instrument (15%); Computer & IT (15%); Chemistry, Biology & chemical engineering (10%); Law (10%); Economy and management (10%); Finance and Insurance (5%) ; Traffic & railway (5%); Mechanism (5%); Architecture (5%); Culture and People (3%); Geology and Environment Protection (3%); Commerce (2%); Education (2%); Others (10%).

We mainly translate through traditional way by human being, and at the same time we can use computer-aided translation software to do translation work. We have many copies of the famous computer-aided translation software, Star Transit and TermStar. Many of our translators and employees can use the software to translate the big projects as our customs required. With the software our translation works have higher quality and productivity.

Our rates are as follows:

English-Chinese: US$0.045-0.05/English word; Chinese-English: US$0.065-0.08/English word; French-Chinese: US$0.055-0.06/French word; Chinese-French: US$0.065-0.08/French word; German-Chinese: US$0.055-0.06 per French word; Chinese-German: US$0.065-0.08 per French word; Japanese-Chinese: US$0.035-0.05 /Japanese Character; Chinese-Japanese: US$0.04-0.06 /Japanese Character; Japanese-Chinese: US$0.035-0.05/Japanese Character; Chinese-Japanese: US$0.04-0.06/Japanese Character; Russian-Chinese: US$0.03-0.035/Chinese Character; Chinese-Russian:US$0.04-0.045 /Chinese Character; Korean-Chinese:US$0.03-0.035/Chinese Character; Chinese-Korean:US$0.040-0.045/ Chinese Character.

Best regards

Dr. Zhen Wei
General Manager of Beijing Huayi Translation Co.,Ltd.
602 of Building 1, 123 of Zhongguancun East Road Haidian Dis.Beijing China.
Post code: 100086 Tel: 008610-62144551 62144542 Fax: 0086-10-62149508

If this mail has disturbed you, I will be very sorry. You can send me a letter to: I will remove your e-mail from our list.

I just love the reference to their “many copies of the famous computer-aided translation software.” I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking myself, but it must not be very famous, as I have yet to see any paparazzi sneaking around the house!

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