New OList: OCrafters

 Posted by on 7 February 2011 at 2:00 pm  Announcements, OList, Pledge Project
Feb 072011

I’m pleased to report that OCrafters raised the $200 in pledges required for its creation and launch! Yipee! (And wow, I’d better resume my long-forgotten knitting projects!) Here’s the basic description of the list:

OCrafters is an informal private discussion list for Objectivists and others who engage in the production of crafts such as knitting, furniture-building, weaving, metalworking, paper-making, sewing, flower-arranging, jewelry-making, and so on. Its purpose is to provide a forum for Objectivist crafters to ask each other questions, share useful advice and resources, and to brag about work in progress or completed.

Any Objectivist who engages in at least one craft may subscribe and post to OCrafters. Moreover, non-Objectivist crafters, as well as non-crafty Objectivists are welcome to subscribe to the list, but only as lurkers; they cannot post. OCrafters is not moderated, but members who violate its rules will be subject to moderation, if not unsubscribed.

As usual, OCrafters is open for subscriptions, but discussion won’t begin for a few days. (That’s to give people time to subscribe to the list.) If you’d like to join, please review the full subscription requirements posted here, then request a subscription to the Google Group.

OCrafters is managed by Earl Parson — accomplished knitter, welder, and woodworker. If you have any questions about OCrafters, he can be reached at

I’ve now created three new OLists via pledges. I’m delighted that my experiment in funding new OLists worked so well — and many thanks to everyone who pledged! For those of you who pledged for OCrafters, I’ll send your invoices sometime in the next few days.

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