Advice on the Academic Job Market

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Nov 162003

This article details one Ph.D’s search for the right job in the right location… and the need to settle for the right job in the wrong location. Given that Paul and I are bound to the Denver area by his job, this is a depressing bit of realism for me. (I really like Colorado, so I’m hardly dying to leave. But if it were just me, I’d be willing to move pretty much anywhere for a good tenure-track job. Then again, if it were just me, I’d still be programming and not philosophizing. Even philosophy is not worth enduring poverty.)

BTW, I found this article via the blog of Brian Leiter, the author of the ever-useful Philosophical Gourmet Report. As one would expect, he seems to comment fairly often on academic life.

Oh, and I just found this cool blog entry analyzing the latest Jobs for Philosophers. The results jibe with what I’ve heard around the grad lounge about the availability of jobs in the major areas (M&E, ethics, and history).

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